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Our probate fees ARE NOT based on the final value of the estate, they’re simply based on the work we do. Once we’ve assessed your individual case we’ll provide a fixed quote which WILL NOT change. We’ve created a simple, friendly probate service, free from any legal jargon. We have no call centres, you will be cared for by the same member of our team throughout. After providing a few simple details either over the phone or through this website, we’ll send out a confirmation letter for you to return in a prepaid envelope.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Probate?

    The best way to explain the old-fashioned word ‘Probate’ is to describe it as a Court Order called a Grant of Representation. Once issued this gives you the power to deal with the affairs of a deceased person.

    This description would make the Probate process much less confusing - indeed, this is probably the only time in law when using more words helps! So it’s as simple as that. “getting probate” means obtaining a Court Order so that you can step into the shoes of someone who has died so that you can sort their affairs out.

    The Executor or Administrator of a person’s estate will usually apply for Probate.

  • What is Inheritance Tax?

    Inheritance Tax is a tax that is paid on the value of an estate over a certain threshold. The government sets this level, and it depends on who’s in power at the time and their attitude to inherited wealth that determines what the threshold will be.

    The basic Inheritance Tax threshold is currently £325,000 per person as of April 2016. The Inheritance Tax rate is 40% of the value of your estate above this threshold however there are certain factors which can affect the amount of Inheritance Tax to be paid.

  • What is a Will?

    A Will is a legally binding document that gives clear instructions on how you want your estate (property, assets, money etc.) to be managed after you die.

    It includes elements like who will administer your estate, how your family will be cared for and helps you to acknowledge the people in your life when you’re no longer around.

  • What is Intestacy?

    Intestacy means dying without a Will. By not legally stating how you want your estate to be distributed the Rules of Intestacy come into play. Not only that but issues such as applying for Letters of Administration and Inheritance Tax become much more complex. Dying without a Will makes life complicated for those who need to administer your estate.

  • Why is Mr. Probate a better option?

    Mr Probate™ was formed because a socially-minded solicitor (yes, really!) became fed up with hearing of people being charged exorbitant rates to obtain a Grant Of Probate.

    Often these costs are based on a percentage of the value of the estate (typically 3 - 5%). It’s not unusual to hear of people being charged thousands, even tens of thousands of pounds for a fairly straightforward service. We wanted to offer a realistic alternative.

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  • It was great to be able to always speak to the same person without having to go through a call centre every time.
  • I have to say, 'thank you' for your help with everything; not just for the professional way in which you have dealt with probate matters, but also for the sensitive and caring way in which you have supported us through these difficult times.
  • Nothing was too much trouble and it was a pleasure to know that someone who actually know what they were doing was at the end of the phone.
  • What I liked was that you knew from the start exactly what it was going to cost. There were no surprises and hidden extras.

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